Week 3 - Introduction to Continuous Random Variables

We will define continuous random variables and use exponential, continuous uniform, and normal distributions. If you have any questions about Week 3 materials please post them on the discussion board on Canvas.

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Welcome to Week 3
Midterm Review Questions and Solutions Answer key will be released on Monday.    
Midterm Read the instructions first on Canvas before starting the midterm.    Aug 18, 11:59 pm
Discrete Random Variables Review R functions, expected value, variance  
Continuous Random Variables  
Continuous Random Variables Quiz Aug 20, 5 pm
Continuous Uniform Distribution  
Exponential Distribution  
Normal Distribution  
Continuous Distributions Quiz Aug 20, 5 pm
Optional Reading OpenIntro pages 133-143. Unfortunately the book only covers normal distribution and does not cover exponential and uniform.
Introduction to Continuous Random Variables Homework 3. Timed. 120 minutes. Will be released on Friday at 5 pm. Aug 28, 5 pm