Week 5 - Linear Regression and Maximum Likelihood Estimation

We will fit linear regression and estimate parameters using maximum likelihood estimation. If you have any questions about Week 5 materials please post them on the discussion board on Canvas.

Notes Links Due
Simple Linear Regression    
Binary Predictors  
Simple Linear Regression Quiz   Sept 5, 5 pm
Multiple Linear Regression  
Multiple Linear Regression Quiz Sept 5, 5 pm
Maximum Likelihood Estimation  
Maximum Likelihood Estimation Quiz Sept 5, 5 pm
Course Evaluations Extra credit opportunity Sept 3, 11:45 PM
Optional Reading OpenIntro pages 303-327 and 331-341. Note that the book does not cover MLE.
Final Exam Review Will be available on Sept 4 5:00 pm Sept 6, 11:59 pm
Final Exam We will follow up with further information.   Sept 8, 11:59 pm